Natural Multicare Toothpaste + CoQ10, 4oz

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The best all-natural, alkalizing toothpaste made with the earth’s finest minerals proven to fight plaque and cavities as well as enhance your overall oral health. CoQ10 helps combat periodontal disease and gingivitis. Calcium Carbonate, baking soda and sea salt gently clean gums and teeth, while hydrogen peroxide effectively whitens teeth. Coconut oil's antibacterial action helps keep harmful bacteria in check. Xylitol is a natural cavity fighter -- it helps inhibit the production of an enzyme critical to the survival of bacteria and enhances the remineralization of teeth. Cinnamon, Clove and Tea Tree essential oils blasts away bad breath and leaves mouth feeling incredibly fresh! Formulated for sensitive teeth and gums. Plus, it's Fluoride-free, SLS-Free and tastes great! The #1 choice for healthy gums, strong teeth and a brighter smile.

**This product does NOT contain any fluoride, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sulphates or chemical sweeteners. However, NOT safe for dogs because it contains Xylitol--a natural substance but in excess can be poisonous to dogs.

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spicy and super clean
Written by Andrea Wright on Jul 5th 2021

Such an awesome toothpaste. It does a great job cleaning my teeth and is so refreshing. It is a strong flavor, in a good way. It will overpower whatever I've just eaten with no lingering onion or garlic breath. It is spicy and tingly and super clean tasting. I bought one tube while on vacation in SD, tried it, and then went back to buy a couple more for the future. It lasted a very long time as you only need a small amount. When I finally ran out I bought some Tom's clove, but it doesn't even compare. The taste is way too sweet and not nearly strong enough and it doesn't clean as well as Holistic Science Mineral Paste. When I finally finished those I ordered a couple more tubes of this! I hope they someday consider maybe an old timey aluminum tube instead of the plastic :)

Finally a Healthy Toothpaste
Written by Barbara on Apr 19th 2016

Love this product. My mouth feels so good after using this tooth paste and my husband has also started using this product and loves it. Makes your mouth feel so clean and healthy. Thank you for not putting any unhealthy ingredients in this toothpaste. I will definitely continue buying this product as well as the mouthwash. Well worth the price of healthy gums and teeth.

My experience after 1 year...
Written by Max Schlecht on Feb 1st 2016

Was just as AMAZING as in the beginning. My sensitivity for hot and cold things is gone and I haven't had any cavities in years. I love the taste of cinnamon and clove. What a great combination! This, together with the Mouthwash, is an unbeatable combination! I would never go back. :)

The #1 toothpaste
Written by Max Schlecht on Jul 13th 2015

I started out with the activated charcoal version but when this came out I just needed to give it a try and I must say I don't regret it. The cinnamon and cloves takes some time to get used to it but it is very soothing and helped me a lot with my gingivitis and gum bleeds. The best handmade toothpaste out there with so many good organic ingredients and no fluoride whatsoever. :)

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