Natural Multicare Toothpaste + Activated Charcoal, 2oz

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size: 4.00 W × 4.00 H × 4.00 L
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The best all-natural, alkalizing toothpaste made with the earth’s finest minerals proven to fight plaque and cavities as well as enhance your overall oral health. Bentonite clay, baking soda and sea salt gently clean gums and teeth, while activated charcoal and hydrogen peroxide effectively whitens teeth. Coconut oil's antibacterial action helps keep harmful bacteria in check. Xylitol is a natural cavity fighter -- it helps inhibit the production of an enzyme critical to the survival of bacteria and enhances the remineralization of teeth. Lavender, Spearmint, Peppermint & Tea Tree essential oils blasts away bad breath and leaves mouth feeling incredibly fresh! Plus, it's Fluoride-free, SLS-Free and tastes great! The #1 choice for healthy gums, strong teeth and a brighter smile. 

**If you have weak, porous teeth OR super sensitive gums, we recommend using our Mineral Paste with CoQ10 instead. 

**This product does NOT contain any fluoride, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sulphates or chemical sweeteners. However, it is NOT safe for dogs because it contains Xylitol--a natural substance but in excess can be poisonous to dogs.  Please keep it out of reach.

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