Natural Multicare Toothpaste + Activated Charcoal, 4oz

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The best all-natural, alkalizing toothpaste made with the earth’s finest minerals proven to fight plaque and cavities as well as enhance your overall oral health. Bentonite clay, baking soda and sea salt gently clean gums and teeth, while activated charcoal and hydrogen peroxide effectively whitens teeth. Coconut oil's antibacterial action helps keep harmful bacteria in check. Xylitol is a natural cavity fighter -- it helps inhibit the production of an enzyme critical to the survival of bacteria and enhances the remineralization of teeth. Lavender, Spearmint, Peppermint & Tea Tree essential oils blasts away bad breath and leaves mouth feeling incredibly fresh! Plus, it's Fluoride-free, SLS-Free and tastes great! The #1 choice for healthy gums, strong teeth and a brighter smile. 

**If you have weak, porous teeth OR super sensitive gums, we recommend using our Mineral Paste with CoQ10 instead. 

**This product does NOT contain any fluoride, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sulphates or chemical sweeteners. However, it is NOT safe for dogs because it contains Xylitol--a natural substance but in excess can be poisonous to dogs.  Please keep it out of reach.

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Charcoal mineral paste
Written by Amy on Aug 6th 2020

I order this product from the UK because it is sublime. Nothing else comes close that I have tried.

Charcoal mineral toothpaste
Written by Amy on Jan 6th 2020

This toothpaste is by far the most superior natural product I have found. I order it from the UK and swallow the hefty tax because of the unique properties and results of the toothpaste. I love Holistic Science, they are ethical and they have a beautiful eye for packaging and clearly they believe in their products. I cannot recommend this product enough. They have a life long customer in me.

The only toothpaste I use.
Written by Amy Ruiz on Jan 7th 2018

I love the all natural ingredients, love that it has charcoal. Great taste and very refreshing!

black toothpaste is fun
Written by Danielle C coates on Mar 29th 2017

The only thing that could make this better is if it produced suds. It seems like you have to use a little bit more then is suggested. As I am writing this out perhaps I should reapply the paste when I do the other half of my mouth. That sounds like it would be a good solution. Other than that I like it a lot. I have been having a hard time finding a toothpaste that has grit. It's not very heavy on the grit though, it's just perfect! It seems that all other vegan toothpastes are too smooth, which I don't care for either. I've only been using it for a couple of weeks so I'm not quite sure if my teeth have gotten any whiter but I have heard from other people that they will.

Best Toothpaste Ever
Written by Jetta Blaine on Feb 17th 2017

Very freshening and tasty. Will whiten your teeth noticeably!

Love it!
Written by Luis Salas on Jan 3rd 2017

Great toothpaste. I've been using it for over a year now and I love it. I have to admit when you first start using it it's a bit jarring to see black water come out of your mouth but you get used to it!

The Best Toothpaste Everrrrrrrrr. Bar None!
Written by Marsha Branch on Aug 14th 2016

I remember the first time I saw this toothpaste and I thought to myself, quite sarcastically, "$25.00, for toothpaste? What is it, dentist and hygienist all in one?" Little did I know my sarcasm would come back to bite me in the tush. I'm about to commence my third tube and my hygienist has proclaimed that I'm going to put her out of a job. There's nothing left to clean! My mouth never felt better. This toothpaste has made it into my very carefully curated list of holy grail items. It's no easy feat making that list. But this toothpaste is there to stay. Clean mouth, healthy gums, teeth so clean you can feel absolutely no film or residue on them hours after brushing, what more can a girl ask for? This is it!!!!

Where it all began....
Written by Max Schlecht on Feb 1st 2016

This is where my journey to Holistic Science started. I was looking for a more healthier way to brush my teeth and found this toothpaste over etsy. When I was reading about the paste I found out that it has activated charcoal in it and that was great! I tried it out and was immediately convinced by it! The black paste can be a little strange but that's just personal opinion. Id rather have black toothpaste, instead of the tricolor artificial nonsense. All in all I would never go back to anything else! Can only recommend with the Mouthwash!!! :)

amazing stuff
Written by amanda on Jan 19th 2016

I've only been using holistic science toothpaste for a couple months now. I have both versions and like both equally. My teeth have never looked better. I'm getting a lot of compliments on how white they are. Plus I like knowing the toothpaste has high quality safe ingredients. My only wish is they'd make a travel size. This is 4oz, 1oz more than TSA approved.

Fantastic Toothpaste!
Written by Cherri on Jan 4th 2016

I was a little apprehensive about using this toothpaste as I expected it to have a horrible taste. However it was light and fresh tasting and left my teeth and mouth feeling cleaner than any other natural toothpaste that I've tried in the past. It has even brightened my teeth and removed stains that I didn't notice were there until I started using this toothpaste. Love love love it!

A real strange experience.
Written by undefined on Aug 20th 2015

Using a toothpaste that is black in colour is such a strange experience. Watching this mouth full of black is sooo weird...... BUT the experience itself is amazing. My teeth have never felt so clean and fresh and yes it appears to help with whitening... The children were a bit reluctant to try, but I think this toothpaste has found a new family to join, simply because of its ability to do what it promises.

Strong but it works!
Written by Caroline on Aug 5th 2015

I've always used Crest and Colgate until I bought some from Tom's which was my first introduction to natural toothpaste. However I was unprepared for the taste of this toothpaste! It's very strongly mint and lavender with a bit of sweetness that you can feel as it cleanses your teeth. The color isn't super black, more like a purple/grey after you spit it out. I didn't notice any black residue on my teeth and my teeth felt cleaner than I'd ever felt before! Can't recommend this product enough!

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