Natural Multicare Mouthwash w/CoQ10, 8oz

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The mother of all mouthwashes and mouth rinses! This therapeutic daily oral hygiene formula is turbo-boosted with Aloe Vera, Hydrogen Peroxide, Xylitol and Coenzyme Q10. Packed with only the best natural ingredients to remove bad breath, fight cavities, kill bacteria, reduce tartar buildup, protect gums and relieve dry mouth. Unlike most brands, our mouthwash is free of alcohol, artificial dyes, and saccharin, and contains a unique blend of pure essential oils for refreshing flavor, hydrogen peroxide for a brighter smile and baking soda for a clean, healthy-feeling mouth. Its cool, clean taste leaves your mouth feeling brightened and refreshed! Daily oral cleansing and rinsing with our alcohol-free Multicare Mouthwash helps promote healthy teeth and gums. Nutrient-powered, ph-balanced and naturally fresh-tasting.  

**This product does NOT contain fluoride, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors or flavors. However, it is NOT safe for dogs because it contains Xylitol--a natural substance but in excess can be poisonous to dogs.  Please keep this out of reach.

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Written by Myrna M Elliott on Sep 18th 2021

I love my product..

Written by undefined on Aug 20th 2015

Oh my goodness!! This stuff packs a powerful punch. As you swirl it around you just think its the same as any other mouthwash BUT be warned there willl be an explosion of freshness that might just leave you hurting for a few seconds. I really enjoy using this mouthwash as it totally removes all bacteria lurking, but I do have to prepare myself for the whole experience lol

Love, Love, Love!!
Written by Debbie on Jan 26th 2015

This is the absolute best! My mouth has never felt so clean and fresh with traditional mouthwashes! Plus the fact, it's all natural! I've ordered in both sizes so I have a back-up and don't need to worry about running out.

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