Breathe Cream Herbal Vapor Rub, 2oz

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A powerful, vaporizing chest rub that relieves coughs, congestion, stuffiness and headaches due to allergies, colds/flu or sinus infections that can be rubbed on your chest, back, forehead, ear lobes and under/around the nose.  Enriched with moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and virgin coconut oil to relieve dry, cracked skin caused by excessive nose-blowing. Therapeutic grade essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, Niaouli and Tea Tree Oil assist in opening nasal passages,  clear the mucous membrane and soothe the senses for a restful sleep. 

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Herbal Vapor Cream
Written by Kellie on Jul 11th 2023

This cream is definitely a positive. I use it for many things achey muscles and joints, congestion, and for headaches. I also rub it on my abdomen for cramps or an upset stomach. So many uses I have also used it behind my ears for nausea. If you have thought about this one don’t hesitate you will not be disappointed. Oh… and did I mention aromatherapy it’s very calming.

Breathe Cream
Written by Glenn O on Nov 6th 2022

I have been using the Breathe Cream for several years and absolutely love this product. I have severe allergies and this is the only nasal rub that opens my sinuses up plowing me to breathe at night. I recommend this product to anyone who needs assistance opening up their sinuses. Thank you Holistic Science for creating this all natural vapor rub. It really has changed my life.

LOVE Breathe Cream
Written by Jackie on Aug 8th 2020

I love this Breathe Cream so much. I have terrible allergies so I use it year round. It helps so much whenever I am congested and I always use a little before bedtime. I used to use plain old Vick’s, but I find that this is less greasy and the scent isn’t as strong. It also last a long time so I probably buy about 1 a year. It’s my favorite thing here!!!

Breathe cream
Written by CONNIE EGLOFF on Feb 13th 2020

Breathe cream gets me through the Midwest winters. I donate a jar of this to my co-workers. It's amazing how many reach for this when the sniffles or a sore throat start. Thank you for this amazing product.

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