Silk-E-Smooth Shampoo, 16oz

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Silk-E-Smooth Shampoo is a plant-based, conditioning shampoo fortified with Rhodiola and Bamboo extracts, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein and Provitamin B5. It is ideal for all hair types, especially chemically treated hair. This shampoo gets rid of excess oil and daily debris without stripping or depleting hair. Infused with pure essential oils, this mild formula improves wet combing and provides incredible body and shine without harsh chemicals, artificial colors, fragrances or detergents. Use daily to maintain healthy scalp, nourish follicles, reduce split ends, control frizz, restore moisture, strengthen hair strands, and boost shine, body and luster. Super-concentrated and lathers beautifully–a little goes a long way! Leaves your hair silky smooth too! pH-balanced. 100% Vegan. Sulphate-free. Formaldehyde-free. Paraben-free. Not tested on animals.

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Made for my hair
Written by Jenna on Mar 4th 2023

My hair literally craves this product. After moving away from O.B. I tried multiple other brands and over the course of 2 years my hair was constantly greasy, and dull. Nothing workes. At my wits end I sent for Hollistic Science and in one wash my hair was back! Soft, shiny and its healthy self. This is not an exaggeration. You have me sold for life.

Written by Susan on Nov 23rd 2021

I have been using Silk-E-Smooth shampoo for some time now and would not use anything else by choice. I haven't seen anything available locally to match this high quality product. A little goes a long way and it smells divine.

Written by Heidi on Jun 7th 2021

My hair ... is like Silk ... Love it!

Written by Erin McConlogue on Nov 28th 2019

I only use your products and LOVE them. So healthy and this makes my hair so soft

Huge Fan
Written by Brooke A Barttelbort on Jun 2nd 2019

I was weary to try the shampoo, only because my hair can become greasy compared to various hair types. I'm so glad I tried it though! It left my hair shiny and soft, clean and beautiful. It feels good using such a natural, healthy product for my scalp.

Written by Night on Apr 18th 2019

I like the product. The container could use work. The product is very thick and takes a long time and deep squeezing to get out of the bottle. So I store the bottle inverted for ease of access. However, the bottle is not made for that; water collects on the concave bottom (inverted) and the balance is not the best. If the bottle was designed to be stored inverted (like certain condiment bottles) this would be perfect! Thank you for the opportunity to review this product. Loving how my hair looks and feels!

Amazing shampoo!
Written by Max Schlecht on Jan 22nd 2016

So I got this shampoo a year ago and ever since then I am in love with it. At the beginning I was unsure if I like it but after a few months it has shown fantastic results. My hair is much smoother and also stronger. I can only recommend this to anyone. And i don't usually write reviews.

Written by undefined on Aug 20th 2015

I was so surprised when I used this shampoo. It lathers as any other shampoo and my hair felt so clean, light and bouncy just even after the first wash. It smells so fresh as well... A really lovely product

Written by Marina on Aug 14th 2015

In love with this product! The scent is wonderful and fresh and I love the way the bathroom smells after my shower. I have thin/ fine textured hair, and I find that this shampoo leaves me hair feeling super smooth and silky without weighing it down. I pair this shampoo with a very light conditioner and the combination is golden.

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