Refill @ Our Shop

We are happy to announce that most of our products are available for refill at our shop.  When your container is empty, please bring it to our shop so we can refill it for you at a discounted rate.  We will clean the exterior, relabel and replace pumps/caps if necessary. We ask that you do not add water or any other product in the original container.  You may call ahead to see if the product is available--certain products are not refillable (mostly our skincare) and sometimes we do run out of certain products. However, we are still taking back glass or aluminum containers in good condition in exchange for stamps on your FREEquent Client rewards card or 100 online reward points for each one you bring/send back.  We'll clean, sterilize and reuse those containers.  Waste not, want not as we always say.  Thank you for being environmentally responsible!