It’s comments like these that make it all worthwhile.

Your testimonials mean the world to us–it’s the kind of selfless goodwill that feels like a pat on the back and makes all of our hard work worthwhile.  Many thanks goes to all the individuals that took the time to write to us to express their gratitude for the products we offer, and of course to the staff at The Holistic Science Co. that made it happen.  Thank you!

“I love your products!!!….thank you for your conscious effort and beautiful talents to create such an absolutely incredible line of wonderful products for my well being…many blessings for your continued success.”  ~Stephanie

“Love , love, love your product. Nothing has really helped my back till now. That muscle rub is great and has helped me a lot.”  ~Donna

“LOVE the deodorant!!”  ~George

“I found these wonderful ladies at the Little Italy Farmers Market and have made two more trips back specifically to buy more products and gifts. I love the spray-in conditioner and the body butter is fabulous.” ~Courtney

“I will be your customer for life.”  ~Wendy

“I’m so glad I found you guys at the market a couple weeks ago because the deodorant I bought works!!! I will be buying more in the in the future.” ~Kim

“Love spreading the word of your awesomely made, natural, and eco-fabulous products!!! So happy with my choices so far!!” ~Lauren 

“So far the deodorant is amazing!! It’s a tough cookie :-)”  ~Jennie

” I LOVE your products!!!! I share my love with everyone, my dad included.” ~Talia

“…bought your muscle spray, and it is by far the best muscle relaxant in a bottle EVER!!” ~New fanatic customer, Holly

“Big fan of the deodorant, tinted lip balm and tooth paste…” ~Sarah 

“Whole Foods would be lucky to have you on their vendor list.” ~Shanon 

“I bought your product at the Little Italy farmers market when I was living in San Diego back in March and fell in love! I’m living in Texas now and MUST HAVE MORE! Thanks so much for a great product :)” ~Brenna